Caviar Ossetra Nouveau

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Pointy Snout’s unique offering, Ossetra Nouveau is a freshly-produced, non-matured Ossetra caviar. Delightfully light, it still bears captivating Ossetra flavors. Available seasonally.


We offer Pointy Snout caviar in different “styles” from each species and, within the species, in different grades, which are determined by flavor, texture, color and size of the individual beads. Caviar Avancé is an “imperial” grade of White Sturgeon caviar, while Caviar de Table is a favorite among many of our clients. Our Caviar Avant-Garde selections come in distinct “styles”—Dark Amber Ossetra, Golden Ossetra, Ossetra Maestro, and Ossetra Nouveau (a seasonal, freshly-produced offering). Ossetra Maestro is further divided into two grades: Maestro Reserve is the crème de la crème grade, while Maestro Select is the finest “Imperial” grade. Each style and grade carries its own hit of pleasure to fit the mood (and budget) of every occasion.

If you aren't certain which caviar is right for your particular palate and needs, please drop us a line at We would be delighted to offer our assistance.


Whichever style and flavor you choose, be assured that the caviar for your individual order is hand-selected and packed on the day we ship it to you. We never "pre-pack" our tins. Your order will arrive in a chilled cooler with frozen gel ice packs to keep the contents in tip-top condition, whether it is delivered locally by messenger or via FedEx next day service. Please unpack your box upon receipt and immediately place the caviar in the refrigerator (never the freezer!). We recommend consuming it tout suite - preferably on our signature camel bone spoons, designed to help you capture the flavor and texture to the fullest. Unopened, caviar will remain fresh for up to eight weeks in a refrigerator (30° - 35°F. ). Please click here for more complete details on caring for your caviar.


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