Our Caviar

We never wonder why we love our caviar. We think it ought to be the new staple, an exceptional contemporary pleasure for millions of people.

Our Pointy Snout caviar comes from two different species of sturgeon—White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus), and Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), the only species that produces genuine Ossetra.

In turn, we offer two different “styles” from each species—the difference created by degrees of maturity. One caviar style is fully-aged for at least 90 days. The other is non-aged, freshly-produced. For an analogy, think of the evolving thrill of drinking a finely matured, complex Bordeaux versus the quick, uncomplicated pleasure of drinking Beaujolais Nouveau. Each carries a hit of pleasure to fit the mood or occasion.

Whichever species you choose, whichever style you choose, be assured that the caviar for your individual order is hand-selected and packed on the day we ship it to you 

Caviar Avancé. Sustainably farmed in Northern California, Avancé is produced from the roe of White Sturgeon, a species native to the Pacific Northwest. Aged at least 90 days, it has a sweet and fresh fragrance, and a taste that is rich and lasting, yolky and delicate.

Caviar de Table. From the same White Sturgeon farm, De Table is more price accessible, thus offering opportunities to experiment and play with different pairings. Its taste and smooth texture represent an exceptional value.

Caviar Nouveau. This freshly produced, non-aged White Sturgeon caviar is preferred by some for its young and breezy flavor, with hints of seawater. It is quite distinct from the maturity and depth of Avance. This item is available seasonally in limited quantities.

Caviar Avant-Garde. An authentic Ossetra caviar from true Russian Sturgeon, Avant Garde is aged at least 90 days. Our North Carolina source is the first aquaculture farm to raise genuine Ossetra in the US. Its medium size beads present colors ranging from light brown to pure amber. The rich, nutty flavor is characteristic of all great Ossetra caviar. 

Caviar Avant-Garde Imported. Upon request, we offer premium grade Ossetra caviar from numerous non-US producers. If you’re interested, and who wouldn’t be, please give us a call. Serious inquires only. 1-800-910-1760

Caviar Ossetra Nouveau. Pointy Snout’s unique offering, Ossetra Nouveau is a freshly-produced, non-matured Ossetra caviar. Delightfully light, it still bears the captivating Ossetra flavors. Available seasonally.